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Based in Adonis and now in Naccache, Stop and Shop is known as much for its special concept as it is for its high-quality food and friendly lifestyle and spirit. Ever since opening its first branch in Adonis in 1980, Stop and Shop, thanks to its founders and managers, Badih, Tony and Issam Khalil, has achieved unprecedented success throughout the Lebanese market. While the company looks to make 2019 a year of continued growth, this unique-themed company brand also takes pause to celebrate the birth of their catering, the exciting and extraordinary food destination.



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Catering by Stop and Shop has been one of Lebanon’s leading catering services with a track record of successful events offering standard raising quality and service. Since establishment, the main goal on our executive chef’s mind Mr. Ezzat Elias, and our professional team of managers was to set the standard for food quality so high that people can use as a reference. We pride ourselves in always incorporating the freshest produce to deliver the taste and safety that we promised while having a unique eye capturing display. With a long track record of successful events, you can rest assure that our team will offer the richest menu precisely as requested and in a timely manner.

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Naturally, our restaurants at both of our locations set high food quality standards while ensuring that guests receive the same quantity and quality every time. Cooking with the freshest produce, at the hand of the most qualified chefs in the business is what sets us apart from the rest. We pride ourselves in the welcoming environment we offer from the minute you step in to the moment you leave. Our staff are courteous and will be more than happy to serve, providing as much assistance as possible ensuring that you are not left without a guess on your mind. You can make your choice of meal from our freshly made buffet displayed. We promise freshness and satisfaction.

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Enough with the food, moving on to the dessert. You will find yourself indulged in the finest Belgium chocolate for absolute pleasure with every bite. We can truthfully say that all the fruits used are fresh and handpicked!  Our pastry chefs will always have something new for you to taste and are always ready to fulfill your vision of a cake suitable for all your occasions and events.

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Recently introduced to our line of products, our in-house bread making feature the finest ingredients using fresh yeast and top quality flour. Our bread is baked daily so you could enjoy freshness with every bite without any additives to prolong the breads shelf life. As everything, QUALITY is what sets us apart.

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Stop and Shop, as the name implies, is a one stop shop offering a wide variety of food, beverages and household products. Divided into noticeable sections that will make it easy for you to find just what you need. We offer a broad selection of homemade produce, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Fresh meat, poultry and seafood can be found at the butchery. You can also make your selection of the tastiest cold cuts, cheese and aged dairy products at our dairy section. For you Cigar lovers, look no more. We got you covered with a range of Colombian cigars that you can enjoy with your choice of a premium beverage from our alcohol section that offers a wide variety whether local or imported.  We even have your furry friends taken care of with a section dedicated for products that cover all their needs. To top it all off, in case you cannot make it to our place, we are one call away to delivering whatever you may need.